Journaling for Transformation


Simple Tools & Techniques for BIG Changes

3-Part, Self-Study, Online Course

How can something so simple & so easily accessible achieve so much?

Have you often wanted to journal, but never managed to get going, or you got got stuck soon after you began?

In this 3-part, self-study course, you will discover the basic steps to getting started if you are a complete beginner, how to re-start if you’re a lapsed journaler, and, if you already keep a journal, how to expand the possibiities of what journaling has to offer you.

Are you ready to create a quite, private space in this loud, hyper-active world for transformational work?

Your journal can be that special place!

    It allows you to have a private, inner-conversation that can:

  • untangle the knots in your thinking
  • create simple techniques to reflect on issues and provide you with that important ‘next’ step
  • give you new perspectives to shift ‘stuck’ issues
  • recognize the stories that you are unintentionally repeating & give you tools to break free of them
  • get clear, practical steps to overcome inner resistance to making changes and breaking patterns
  • allow your own unique voice to emerge & develop
  • provide you with a safe haven when you have to navigate your way through stormy seas
  • and much, much more, …

Do you want to begin a life-long journey to a richer, deeper, more fulfilled life?

This 3-part, online course takes you through the nuts & bolts of getting started with journaling, gives you plenty of tools to deal with any questions or problems that arise, such as facing the ‘blank page’, running out of something to write about, losing focus, etc. It will also show you numerous ways to make your journal a powerful space to make lasting changes in your life.

The course is full of simple exercises, tools & techniques to get you started, keep you on the journaling path if you start to meander and take you deeper into the endless possibilites of journaling.

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Here’s what course participants have to say:

 “As a rather sporadic journal writer I was looking for some ideas and encouragement to go further and deeper with this practice, as I am currently studying for a degree in psychotherapy. Carmel’s course inspired me with clear instructions, invaluable exercises and inspiring poems. It has shown me how to use my journal to actually create changes in my life.” Cindy Lund, Owner of Chryslis Holistic Health & Creativity

 “This course was very enjoyable and insightful for me as someone who has started journaling many times and never kept going. From the beginning I found the voice and language very welcoming and it was reassuring to hear that it’s ok to feel like you have nothing to say, because that held me back a lot before. The different prompts and tips showed me how to make journaling an enjoyable way to connect with myself on a day-to-day basis instead of being a chore.” Linda Rocca, Full-Time Seeker of a Harmonious Life   

I found this course very solid and a real eye-opener to the power of what we can do for ourselves with journaling – without the usual fluff some of these self-help courses offer. It really surprised me that I could connect with ME within, no matter what the emotions were – annoyance, sadness, or joy. I’m still journaling and I’ve long finished the course, so that’s another ‘first’ for me.  Annie Folan, Gardener, Mother & Artist

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