Humans are pattern-seeking, story-telling animals” (Michael Shermer)

From the time we sat around campfires in caves, to pressing a button on our mobile devices today, we tell stories to give meaning to our lives, create our communities and find our place in a changing world.

Everything is story & story is everywhere.

It’s the thread that runs through all our communication: our tweets, emails, talks, courses, pitches, presentations, mission statements, brand messages, marketing material and of course the conversations we have with our clients.

How can telling an authentic story transform your business?

  • It’s a highly effective way to authentically differentiate you from others, communicate your mission and build a tribe around that mission
  • It’s one of the simplest way to build meaningful, trustworthy relationships with your potential clients and easily convert them to do business with you
  • It’s also your compass and guide map to navigate the many uncharted challenges and difficulties your business faces in uncertain times


“I have to say I got great benefit from Carmel’s course. I found it very challenging to make time in a very busy schedule, but I’m so very happy I did. Apart from the actual material, there was so much encouragement, inspiration and the opportunity to share one’s efforts in a mutually supportive atmosphere. It was wonderful to be a part of the process of discovering our stories and our voices. Carmel has a marvellous lightness of touch and can make challenges enjoyable rather than agonising.” Finbar Doyle, Facilitator

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