Build Your Signature Marketing System

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Why do you need a customised marketing system?

Unlike other marketing programmes, my Customised Marketing System is NOT a ‘one-size-fits-all-prototype’ that makes unrealistic promises of success. Nor is it about implementing more random tactics, rehearsing sales scripts, parroting your marketing message & being busy 24/7

It’s about creating a customised, integrated marketing system that covers all your marketing needs from getting noticed, to getting your clients to willingly press the ‘buy’ button. A key element of this system is being able to strategically embed storytelling in all your communication.

Here’s how it works:

  • You begin by crafting your compelling message that ensures you stand out and get noticed
  • You then find out who wants and values your skills, experiences, etc. and build a meaningful, trust-based relationship with your potential clients via the relevant stories you share with them
  • Through consistent engagement with your tribe, you find out what they want most right now & create a product or service that totally resonates with that
  • You then get ready to tell your customer-in waiting about your irresistible offer

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“The business storytelling and communication process with Carmel began with her getting to know all about my business and my personal motivations. We subsequently worked together in a collaborative manner, with Carmel providing an excellent structure & copy for my website and promotional video. I am really happy with the final authentic and engaging texts which reflect Carmel’s great suggestions, my own input and a renewed focus on my clients’ needs.” M. Loughman, Spreadsheets Interaction Ltd.

“Attending Carmel’s workshop was a challenging experience into discovering who I was and what really motivates me at a personal and professional level. A very productive AND enjoyable experience!” – Jacinta, Social Worker

“I really enjoyed Carmel’s workshop and was surprised that she got us all engaged in developing our own voices and stories – despite the ‘resistance’! It was very thought-provoking, personally challenging and really, really worthwhile for my business. Everyone should do it!” – Bonnie, Physiotherapist