Simon Sinek changed the goalposts around the question “Why do you do what you do?” in his now famous “Start with Why” video.

Even though he has since revised his theory, that question nonetheless remains pertinent, because it forces us to think about what our job, our business, our career, our commitment to some cause, our life actually MEANS.

For some, the meaning is deeply personal and is the unpretentious driving force behind what they do. It’s that old-fashioned word ‘vocation’: the calling to do the work you are best suited to do and drawn to do by some invisible and irresistible force. (Usually there is a compelling story at the heart of this “Why” and always worth waiting for.)

But it’s not easy sticking to your ‘vocation’ to improve a small slice of the world you live in when can see that the attention of investors is magnetised by the glamour and hype generated by lifestyle-driven projects. Sticking to your convictions is the big challenge when doubt and feelings of inadequacy pound you all too frequently when the glossy once again trumps the genuine.

What do you do?

Stop looking for external recognition and attention and just claim your inner calling. That’ll take you to a place where the stakes are much, much higher. Even if you encounter ‘failure’ along the way, living your convictions will always take you to where you need to go.

And in our celebrity-obsessed world, you’ll connect with others along that path who are also driven to do good work and those waiting to support value-driven work. Together you’ll become an unstoppable force for making positive change.

So, why do you do what you do? What’s the inner conviction behind what drives you? Are you out there living it now?