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Journaling for Transformation:

Simple Tools & Techniques for BIG Changes

– Self-Study, Online Course –

Discover the endless benefits of regular journaling in this 3-part, self-study course.

This course will give you all the tools and techniques you need to make journaling a simple, easily accessible practice that brings profound changes to your life.

Price:  €75  

Craft Your Compelling Core Message

& Connect with Your Ideal Customers 

– Online Course –

In this 4-module online course, you will discover how to craft your Authentic Core Message (whatever the medium) to easily attract your ideal customers and convert their initial attention into into genuine interest and curiosity. At the end of the course you will know the key elements in creating clear, authentic conversations that make you stand out in an increasingly noisy world and how to integrate these elements into your key marketing messages, such as your Brand Message, Titels/Headlines, website Homepage, Personal Profile, etc.

Starting date in Autumn 2018 to be announced very soon  

Booking opening soon! 

Craft Your Compelling Core Message

& Connect with Your Ideal Customers

– One-on-One Course –

 Build Your Signature Marketing System Premium

In this course you will learn how to talk about your business so that you easily get the attention of potential clients and convert that initial attention into genuine interest & curiosity. The course consists of 3 one-to-one sessions to enable you craft your personalised, Compelling Core Message and integrate it into various marketing material, such as brand message, website homepage, personal profile, etc. etc.

Price: €295

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