Can you protect yourself from working with not-so-ideal-clients, i.e. the ones who drain your energies and then they promptly tell you that they can’t afford your prices, delay payment, postpone making a commitment, constantly show up late, etc.

Here are two simple steps to help you do just that.

First of all, start by knowing your own values and then embody them in how you work.

To clarify your values, ask yourself a few simple questions:

– Do I always do my best?

– Do I turn up prepared and on time?

– Am I always 100% honest with my clients, i.e. do I tell some people that they would be better served working with someone else?

– Do I only promise outcomes I know I can deliver?

– Etc., etc.

Secondly, when you clarify your values and truly walk your talk, you automatically teach people how to treat you.

The minute you are prepared to work with clients who under-value your expertise, your time, your service, your product, you are sending a direct message to them that says “I’m willing to put up with this.” To quote Ted Hargrove on this: “We encourage what we endure.”

When you know and embody your values, here’s what happens on the ground.

You’ll lose clients who waste your time and drain your energies. You’ll create space for those who already see your worth, are happy to pay your prices, who value your expertise, inspire you to do great work and generally make your life more fulfilling, meaningful and enjoyable.

I’ll let Jeffrey Shaw explain why it’s so important to embody your values. You make it easy for the ‘right’ people to find you. In the business world that means, you are building a path to your front door for your ideal customers. “It’s very difficult to convince someone to value something they don’t already value. Your ideal customers already value you and what you offer.”