Carmel Finnan  Communication & Marketing Consultant

“I help mission-driven Creatives, Freelancers & Entrepreneurs take the hard work out of connecting with their ideal clients by getting their story right.”

One of my earliest childhood memory is of stepping into the world of my favourite fairytale and letting the characters solve the day-to-day problems of growing up on an isolated farm in rural Ireland. I had in fact discovered the essence of story: we can change our lives through the stories we tell.

When I studied language & literature as an adult, later researched the role of storytelling as a powerful tool for change and transformation and eventually began teaching professionals how to get their work out into the world through authentic storytelling, I knew I’d found the connecting thread between the head, the heart and my unique role in the world.

What skills & experience have I collected along my life’s journey?

Through my years of working as a copywriter, editor and intercultural facilitator in Germany, later as a language & literature lecturer, researcher, and educator in third level educational institutions in Ireland, I’ve learned that words transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and I’ve learned how to successfully communicate your message to an audience.

After taking the quantum leap of exchanging the secure world of academia for the autonomous life of running my own business, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and insight into what it takes to run a successful, heart-centred business without running yourself ragged in the process or compromising who you are or your values for ‘success’.

Working as a Communication & Marketing Consultant, I help my clients build their own customised, Signature Marketing System, a system based on who they are, the work they do, their clients’ needs, their individual resources and their vision. That’s how they learn to take ownership of their own marketing and know how to get their work to the people they are meant to serve in the most authentic & effective way possible.

What floats my boat and soothes my soul?

These three things belong to my day; regardless of time, space, work or weather.

The smell and taste of an illy espresso in the morning – kick-starts my day in the best possible way.

A walk among trees – slows me down, gets me out of my head and makes me feel part of something much, much bigger.

A good book – lets me escape the worries and woes of the world, engages my imagination and reminds me that words are truly magical.

How can I help you?

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