Carmel Finnan  Communication & Marketing Consultant

“I help mission-driven Creatives, Freelancers & Business Owners take the hard work out of connecting with their ideal clients by getting their story right.”

Working as a Communication & Marketing Consultant has taught me that real ‘success’ is all about being true to your unique self and delivering consistent value from a place of self-fulfilment, client-service and community-building.

One of the big revelations during my childhood was discovering that my world completely changed when my story changed. Once inside the world of my favourite fairytale, I was a different person and endless possibilities began to open up.

I learned about the role of storytelling as a powerful tool for change & transformation while studying language & literature and later working as a lecturer & researcher. When I began teaching professionals how to get their work out into the world through authentic storytelling, I knew I’d found the connecting thread between the head, the heart and my unique role in the world.

What skills & experience have I collected along my life’s journey?

I worked as a copywriter, editor and intercultural facilitator in Germany, later as a lecturer, researcher, and educator in third level educational institutions in Ireland. These years have taught me that story reaches a place deep within us as humans that creates extraordinary moments of connection, insight and possibility.

And I can help you craft those compelling stories to achieve authentic connection and meaningful engagement.

What floats my boat and soothes my soul?

These three things belong to my day; regardless of time, space, work or weather.

The smell and taste of an illy espresso in the morning – kick-starts my day in the best possible way.

A walk among trees – slows me down, gets me out of my head and makes me feel part of something much, much bigger.

A good book – lets me escape the worries and woes of the world, engages my imagination and reminds me that words are truly magical.

How can I help you?

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