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Your stories create a pulse of in-sight into who you truly are, who your clients are, what you do and why you do it.

Insight Stories is here to support you get your story ‘right’, so you can connect easily with your ideal clients, because an authentic story differentiates you naturally, inspires trust and credibility, and resonnates with the people who value what you do & want to work with you.

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One-on-One Course

Craft Your Compelling Core Message & Connect with Your Ideal Customers

Are you ready to discover the simplest & most reliable way to get the attention of potential customers and make them curious to know more about your business?

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Self-Study, Online Course

Journaling for Transformation: Simple Tools & Techniques for BIG Changes

You want to develop your authentic voice & access your unique stories? Do you know that journaling is one of the best ways to do just that! But that’s not all journaling does. It can also …

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What my clients say

“Before I started working with Carmel, I was really struggling to get my business off the ground. She showed my how to build a solid foundation to my marketing that felt right for me. Working with her gave me the confidence and the marketing skills to sell my service and get my business really moving.”

Róisin Killeen, Freelance Business Journalist

“As a start up business, I soon realised I needed help to get my marketing message right and after attending one of Carmel’s seminars, I knew I’d found the right person. She helped me reconnect with my own voice, connect with my clients and be truly myself when talking about my business. It was a grounding experience to work with Carmel. Her approach is transformative in it’s simplicity & a real breath of fresh air in a world of salesy marketing gurus.”

Deirdre McLoughlin, Executive Coach

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