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The stories you tell create a pulse of in-sight into who you truly are, who you clients are, what you do and why you do it. This in-sight is embedded in those stories and will transform your life and your business from the inside out.

Insight Stories supports you in creating authentic connection with your clients through story, because it has the power to differentiate you naturally, inspire trust and credibility, and resonate deeply with the people you are meant to serve.

Attract your Perfect Clients

(with Sincerity instead of Sleaze)

Whether you are trying to grow your business or ready to reposition it, there is one primary reason why so many committed Coaches, Consultants & Health Professionals struggle with their business.

They fail to create a consistent flow of paying clients!

So how do you get enough clients without running yourself ragged trying to market your business 24/7, only to find that most of your efforts are falling on deaf ears, instead of attracting the clients you know you’re ready to serve?

Or maybe you avoid marketing as much as possible because it represents everything outside your value system – sleaze, cheap gimmicks, false promises, …

You know what? You can avoid all that! What if you could put a simple, effective, low maintenance system in place that is aligned with your values AND attracts your perfect clients?

Here’s the first thing you need to know:

To ensure a steady stream of paying clients you have to know how to talk about your business right from the very first encounter with a stranger – regardless of the medium – so that you grab their attention and make them eager to find out more.

I’ll show you the simple steps to doing just that!

Starting in early Spring 2018, my Online CourseCaptivate Your Clients: 3 Simple Steps to Crafting your Compelling Client-Magnet Message, will open for enrolment.

Full details and starting date to be announced VERY soon!

Here’s a sneak preview into what you’ll  discover about attracting a consistent flow of clients  – it’s about:

  • getting your unique message heard above the white noise
  • knowing how to personalise your message for your ideal clients so that they FIND YOU
  • recognising the important difference between getting your clients to BUY from you, instead of you selling to them

If you’re ready for a turbo start to attracting your perfect clients easily in 2018, or you’ve got some questions.

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It’s that simple!

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