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The stories you tell create a pulse of in-sight into who you truly are, who your clients are, what you do and why you do it.

Insight Stories is here to support you get your story ‘right’, so you can connect easily with your ideal clients, because an authentic story differentiates you naturally, inspires trust and credibility, and resonates deeply with the people who value who you are & what you do.

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Journaling for Transformation

Simple Tools & Techniques for BIG Changes

You want to develop your authentic voice & access your unique stories?

Did you know that journaling is one of the best ways to do just that!

But that’s not all journaling does. It can also

  • give us new perspectives on past events & experiences
  • provide us with tools for self-discovery & growth
  • reveal fresh insights into our thinking & behaviour
  • create a personal, private space to reflect on our lives, uncover our hidden stories, give us the ‘bigger picture’

This online, self-study course will help you explore the endless benefits & possibilities that journaling can offer you.

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What my clients say

“Before I started working with Carmel, I was really struggling to establish my business. It may sound simplistic but Carmel basically helped me to understand what I offer. She pushed me to focus on my uniqueness and strengths, so that I could move my business forward. And now I’m much more sure of myself and the skills I’m selling and how to sell them.”

Róisin Killeen, Freelance Business Journalist

“As a start up business, I soon realised I needed help to connect with my own marketing message and after attending one of Carmel’s seminars, I knew I’d found the right person.  Carmel helped me really reconnect with my own voice, with what is important to my clients and to be personally engaged when talking about my business.  Working with Carmel was a truly grounding experience; her approach is transformative in its simplicity. In the world of salesy marketing gurus, she is a real breath of fresh air.”

Deirdre McLoughlin, Executive Coach

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4 days ago

Insight Stories

Why do we find it so difficult to be ourselves?

Because we’ve been taught to conform from a very early age and rewarded for our ability to ‘fit in’, or/and punished for wanting to be ourselves.

And the results of fitting in?

Chances are you’ve perfected the art of performing versions of yourself, depending on the social context, a.k.a. faking your way through life so that you’ll be liked, respected, valued, seen, … by others.

What’s the alternative?

Start re-discovering & re-connecting with who you are – in a safe, supported, non-judgemental space.


And in your journal you can start excavating the buried you.

Here's a few helpful questions to get the ball rolling:

Have you ever felt you had to be someone you were not?

Do you feel you adapt who you are to the situation you’re in?

Do you put on a ‘mask’ around certain people, or in certain social contexts?

Describe some of the masks you wear: “I’m always in control”, “I’m the unsung hero in my job/family/community”, etc. etc.

More journaling tips to follow ...
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