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Captivate Your Clients:

3 Simple Steps to Crafting an Authentic Client-Magnet Message

– Online Course

In this 4-module online course, you will discover how to craft the opening conversational stories (whatever the medium) that easily attract your ideal clients and convert their initial attention into into genuine interest and curiosity. At the end of the course you will know the key elements in creating clear, authentic conversations that make you stand out in an increasingly noisy world and how to integrate these elements into your key marketing stories, such as your Brand Message, Titels/Headlines, website Homepage, Personal Profile, etc. to connect with those clients who value what you do and want to  join your community.

Usual Price: €295 

Sommer Special: €95

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Captivate Your Clients:

3 Simple Steps to Crafting an Authentic Client-Magnet Message

– Premium Course

 Build Your Signature Marketing System Premium

The Premium Package is a specially designed one-on-one programme to take you through the steps of Crafting an Authentic Client-Magnet Message at turbo speed and depth.  You will receive 4 one-to-one sessions at key stages during the process to ensure that you stay on target, master the new skills and achieve the promised results.

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PRICE: €995.  Price: €495